Privacy Policy

Kediri December 13, 2022 really maintains the confidentiality of customer data. This privacy policy is attached to the products, services and websites offered by We will attach additional notes regarding the privacy policy in a separate post. Notes are added only when necessary. refers to the Electronic Information and Transaction Law number 11 of 2008. If you have questions or matters that need to be discussed, don’t hesitate to contact on the Contact Page.

The information we need and how we use the information: offers several services that require you (the client) for personal data such as:

Information provided by clients – When you want to contact to download documents, publish content and more, you must enter your personal data, such as name, email, telephone number, time to be contacted and your requirements.

Cookies – When you visit the website, our website will send a number of small files containing useful characters to mark your browser. We use cookies to improve the quality of our website services.

Log Information – When you visit the website, our server will automatically store the data sent by your browser. These server logs contain data such as requests from your website, Internet Protocol address (IP address), browser type, language used by the browser, date and time of request and some cookies that can identify your browser.

User Communication – When you send electronic mail (email) or other communications with, we will store and use that data to further process your request, respond to your request and improve our services.

Other Sites – This privacy policy applies to websites and services run and operated by We have no control over other websites that display some or all of the data or other search results related to the products or services offered by only uses personal information for the purposes stated in the privacy policy:

Regarding the services we offer.

Related to sending messages and discussions.

Develop new products.

Download part or several of the documents. will use information on servers listed in Indonesia and other countries. In special cases, we will process the information listed outside the server in your country. We will also process personal information to carry out our services. In special cases we will also use personal information related to the instructions of third parties, such as partners in the field of advertising. will give you choices regarding the personal information that you will enter.

When you enter data in the contact form, we will ask if you are willing to enter your personal data. If we are going to use personal data outside of this privacy policy, we will ask or ask your permission first.
You are allowed to refuse to provide your personal information for our services. This means that cannot follow up on your request.
Policy on information sharing. only shares information with certain companies and under certain conditions.
Administration will periodically discuss the implementation of a privacy policy. Don’t hesitate to provide your questions or thoughts regarding the privacy policy on the Contact Page.

Changes to the Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy will be updated from time to time. We will not reduce your rights in the privacy policy without clear and explicit notification. Any changes will be marked with the date stated at the top of this privacy policy.