Mumma Julian’s x Impossible Foods: Launch, Menu, Price

Linking up with Impossible Foods, Butter has launched Mumma Julian’s. Drawing inspiration from traditional Italian recipes and techniques learned from his mother, co-owner and executive chef Julian Cincotta added a contemporary twist to the mix with a plant-based alternative for those looking for a more sustainable alternative to meat. Honestly, we like the taste.

order cut: Wednesday
Order delivery: Thursday
Lift up: Pickup in store available on Thursday

If you haven’t set foot in a Butter restaurant, you’re missing out on some of the best fried chicken in Sydney. The restaurant serves as a hybrid haven for sneaker lovers where the merchandise is as coveted as its ramen, chicken sandwiches, lace and yuzu cocktails. Simply put, Butter offers some of the best cheat food in Sydney. And with the launch of Mumma Julian’s, you can have it delivered right to your doorstep with a new plant-based twist.

“Impossible meatballs and Spaghetti is the perfect meal for lovers of authentic traditional Italian cuisine”

“The recipes I’ve made for Mumma Julian’s are some of my favorite foods to eat. Many come from my Italian heritage, but as I’ve shown at Butter, I love to cook a variety of cuisines. I still apply the same passion and love that I learned cooking with my mother and aunts.”

Mumma Julian’s menu serves as the only place to buy Impossible Beef ready meals in Australia.

  • He impossible homemade lasagna it’s a classic lasagna made just like Julian’s Mumma used to make. With pasta sheets covered in a rich Impossible Bolognese sauce, a 3 cheese blend and a rich Neapolitan sauce.
  • Impossible Meatballs (aka ImpossiBalls!) and Spaghetti is the perfect meal for lovers of authentic traditional Italian food who want the highest quality food without the time spent slaving over a hot stove.
  • For dessert, mom is cooking up an indulgent Valrhona Chocolate Brownie Slab. This indulgent recipe is Mumma Julian’s closely guarded secret, something she has been testing and refining for the past 15 years. Forget what you know about brownies, the moment you try this everything you thought you knew about brownies will be changed forever.
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As is the case with any butter operation, Mumma Julian’s has made a range of limited-edition essentials available to customers. Everything from tea towels and aprons to tote bags can be purchased online. Get in quick, because the first 5 orders of Impossible Lasagne from Mumma Julain’s website will come wrapped in an exclusive Mumma Julian’s tea towel for the next four weeks.

To grab some freebies, head over to the Mumma Julian website below – order cut-off is Wednesday noon for a Thursday delivery. And they’ll deliver everywhere from Cronulla to Penrith to Palm Beach, with in-store pickup available every Thursday from any of Butter’s three locations: Surry Hills, Parramatta, and Chatswood.

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Impossible Meal at Butter Sydney

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impossible food in butter

Image: Butter

Impossible Food Family Meal Kit

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