Monday Munchies: February 7 – Nothing is Impossible

We’re going big on the impossible this week. Eat meat or not, these plant-based foods are something to marvel at, and not one, but two restaurants in Sydney are leading the charge for Impossible Foods and things are heating up on the streets. As we watch the battle from the sidelines, all our taste buds know is that we’ll be equally satisfied no matter which side of the fence you sit on. This edition of Monday Munchies will showcase both and we’ll let your taste buds be the judge. Did we mention there’s a guy in Sydney saving half a million bees? Let’s get into it.

Image: Butter

The noodle soup to end all noodle soups

When: Available in store during the month of February – from Thursday, February 3 to Monday, February 28.

The Lunar New Year celebrations are upon us, and Butter is celebrating the Year of the Tiger in a big way.

Executive Chef and Head Rooster Julian Cincotta has created the impossible, hot and numbing Chinese Beef Noodle Soup. This first creation includes Impossible Beef and an all-vegetarian broth, a vegetarian dish for carnivores, but don’t take our word for it, you have to try it yourself.

The Tiger Beer team is running a special combo of Tiger Beer with the noodle soup – what better way to wash down a spicy soup than with an ice cold beer. We can’t think of a better way to welcome the Year of the Tiger than with a Tiger Beer.

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Finally, the brand has collaborated with Smile & Wave and Tiger Beer to launch a special retail capsule.

There are 3 items in the capsule, including:

  • Smile & Wave x Butter – Year of the Tiger Socks ($15)
  • Smile & Wave x Butter – Year of the Tiger Embroidered Tiger T-Shirt ($60)
  • The Very Special: Smile & Wave x Butter x Tiger Beer ($65) with full Liquid Swords GZA vibes.

Take a look at the Smile + Wave Capsule

impossible grill restaurant

Image: Grill’d

Grill’d Converts Two Restaurants Completely Plant-Based

Grill’d wants to show that it is not impossible to make a hamburger 100% vegetable. For the first time in Australia, the brand has done the impossible, transforming two restaurants into 100% plant-based ‘Impossably Grill’d’ venues.

“We are delighted to open the doors to Impossibility Grill’d, a completely new healthy and sustainable plant-based restaurant concept where guests can enjoy the tastiest meatless burgers in Australia,” said Simon Crowe, Founder of Grill’ d.

Of February 7th, customers will be able to explore a completely plant-based menu at two exclusive locations on Crown Street NSW and Collingwood VIC. Outfitted with leafy green interiors and bold pops of color, Impossibility Grill’d is a top-to-toe renovation of the traditional Grill’d restaurant, complete with a completely plant-based menu featuring 23 plant-based burgers, including the new Grill’d Impossible burgers and a variety of salads and sides.

On the occasion of the opening of the new green concept restaurants, Starting February 7, Grill’d is also bringing back its famous Meatless Mondays, first launched in 2019, to encourage Australians to shake things up and go meat-free one day a week. As part of the Grill’d Relish membership program, members will have exclusive access to one free plant-based burger for every plant-based burger purchased on Mondays for a limited time.

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check it out


We bet you’ve never heard of Beesbucha, but you should

When these arrived at the Man of Many office, we weren’t sure what the heck they were, but one sip and we were hooked.

Passionate about conserving indigenous bees, Giacomo raises awareness by personally adding some 20,000 bees to the Paddington area, and in Myall River probably half a million, maybe more.

So what does he do? Well, he creates a non-alcoholic mead (or ‘honey water’) from these hives, which he uses as a key ingredient in ‘Beesbucha’, a refreshing fizzy drink, with no preservatives, and the intestinal properties of a fermented product. The defining characteristic of mead is that the majority of the fermentable sugar in the drink is derived from honey, so these are all-natural sugars as well.

The original Beesbucha is also made with bananas, and this week Giacomo is pleased to introduce Raspberry Beesbucha, made with Queensland raspberries and infused with gum mint (Eucalyptus Radiata) leaves. If you are in Sydney you can get it locally near you at Fruitologist Balmain and Bondi, Mapo Gelato in Bondi, Ikaria Bondi or further afield at Byron Bay Roadhouse. If not, pick some up online and thank us later.

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korean shave ice

Sulbing brings Korean shaved ice followed by Melbourne worship

When: 5:00 p.m. Thursday, February 10 – Sunday, February 13
Where: Calia Chadstone – Ground floor, entrance to the luxury district G041, Chadstone shopping center.
That: Free Bingsu (Korean-style shaved ice cream dessert) and strawberry swiss roll
Terms: 1x Bingsu and 1x Strawberry Swiss Roll per person while supplies last

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In collaboration with the locals of Chadstone, Calia, Sulbing is appearing for three months to offer a range of their delicious, delicately shaved ice cream desserts, complete with a myriad of toppings and flavors to be savored and enjoyed well beyond the summer. From Thursday 10th February to Sunday 13th February, Sulbing will be giving away 1 free serving of their delicious Bingsu and 1 strawberry Swiss roll (while supplies last) to Chadstone shoppers and fashionistas.

Check out the following sweet, cool and refreshing flavors of Bingsu:

  • Injeolmi (sweet and sweet rice) Sulbing
  • Red bean injeolmi sulbing
  • premium strawberry sulbing
  • Yuzu Matcha Sulbing
  • Chocolate brownie sulbo
  • Sweet Mango Cheese

Priced at $18.90 – $22.90, the Bingsu freebie is truly a steal for fans of Korean desserts!

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