KitKat x BRIX Rum-Infused Chocolate Release Info

There’s nothing more Christmassy than getting too turned on with Rum Balls, but now you don’t have to suffer through the intrusion of coconut to get your booze. KitKit Chocolatory has teamed up with a local Sydney distillery to release a special, limited-edition ode to the holiday season that’s a little bit sweet, a little bit and a whole lot nice. Behold, the KitKat Chocolatory x BRIX rum-infused bars.

Image: KitKat Chocolatier

“We are always exploring new ways to surprise and delight KitKat fans this holiday season, with exciting flavor combinations and collaborations,” said Joyce Tan, Nestle’s director of confectionery marketing. “So we are delighted to partner with BRIX Distillery to give Australians the break we have all been waiting for. With rum all the rage and destined for holiday celebrations everywhere, we couldn’t look any further than local distillery BRIX to bring a little party to this year’s limited-edition KitKat bar.”

Created in collaboration with fans of Surry Hills BRIX rum, the three new KitKats bars offer a festive new take on the classic eight-finger confectionery. Kicking off is the KitKat Chocolatory x BRIX Mojito, featuring the famous KitKat Crisp Wafer with creamy white chocolate, infused with BRIX light rum, lime, grapefruit and mint for a refreshing tropical delight. Next up is KitKat Chocolatory x BRIX Caramelised Pecan, which uses delicious caramelised golden chocolate that is infused with BRIX Gold rum, walnuts, ginger and caramelised biscuit with the irresistible wafer crunch. Finally, the wafer gods have bequeathed KitKat Chocolatory x BRIX Christmas Spiced Pudding, which comes complete with crisp wafers and spiced milk chocolate infused with BRIX spiced rum, crumbled pudding, currants and macadamias in an eight-finger bar.

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Image: KitKat Chocolatier

“BRIX is very excited to have worked with Kit Kat Chocolatory to develop this delicious range of chocolate bars. Rum and chocolate are the perfect combination, so having the chance to infuse our Sydney craft rums in the world famous KitKat form was an absolute treat,” said James Christopher, Director of BRIX Distillers. “Who better to team up with than KitKat!! After the last few years we’ve all been through, we all deserve a break!”

The new KitKat x BRIX collaboration kicks off the silly season in the best way. With the return of chocolate on the menu and a new alcoholic addition to our wish lists, Christmas is definitely moving forward. The new flavors are available to buy at KitKat Chocolatory in Sydney’s Mid City Center or online.

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Image: KitKat Chocolatier

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Image: KitKat Chocolatier

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